City Suppers in Chatham Arch

On Sunday, October 16, we invited you to gather in your homes with friends and neighbors over a shared meal and to share ideas of what "home" means to you. In the coming weeks, we'll be posting some of your photos and stories. This one is from Mary VanHoy, who organized a supper for her Chatham Arch neighbors in Mill No. 9.


Sometimes living in a downtown condominium can be a bit isolating with busy residents coming and going and just the courteous nod or mumbled "have a good day."  So, I decided to chance inviting the residents of Mill No. 9, Building One, for a City Supper.  As an empty-nester, my unit is rather on the small side, but I thought our gorgeous rooftop deck would be the ideal setting to meet my neighbors and get to know the ones I do know a bit better over a shared meal.

Well, as can so often happen in Indiana, the rains decided to fall!  Luckily, Tom and Nancy Schaefer volunteered their spacious unit as our Plan B!  With ten of us sharing delicious food we had prepared, learning about each other's occupations or hobbies, travels, and much shared laughter about, of all things, breeding cattle and growing papaya in Jamaica, a fun evening was had by all.  We each left feeling a little closer, a little more connected, and with memories of a great evening despite the relentless Indiana rain!