Stylin' and Profilin'

ragan profiles (1) HCA intern Ragan Kelley, who is studying informatics at IUPUI, has been getting to know our studio artists in an unusual way. She has made it her mission to photograph our artists and create computer-designed profile silhouettes of each of them.  Some were instantly recognizable to us, but others provided more of a challenge. How well do you know these local artists? Here are some hints:

Top row, left: This artist creates work under the brand "Whimsical Funk." Top row, middle: This artist creates her encaustic work in the HCA's subterranean "boiler room." Tom row, right: A native of Rochester, NY, this artist is a painter, instructor and up and coming curator.

Middle row, left: She teaches art at the Ben Davis 9th Grade Center. She has been making encaustic collage at the HCA for over a decade. Middle row, middle: This painter is best known for his urban and rural landscapes. Middle row, right: This artist works in a variety of media, including watercolors, acrylics, linocuts and paper cutting.

Bottom row, left: This well-known fine art photographer is our longest-renting studio artist. Bottom row, middle: This artisan and crafter is known for her wood and metal jewelry designs. Bottom row, right: This long-time HCA studio artist is a painter and installation artist whose work was recently featured in the INlightIN Festival.

Check out the artist page here to learn more.

Top row, L to R- William Denton Ray, Carolyn Springer, Nathan Foxton