Discovering by Dominic Senibaldi

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 9.09.48 AM “My current work explores themes of evolution, scientific discovery, and the search for knowledge and understanding of the physical and metaphysical universe,” Dominic Senibaldi said. “I narrow these interests down by focusing on geometry and how it can be a metaphor for the structure of the universe and the duality of order and chaos.”

This month, Hank and Dolly’s Gallery presents Discovery by Harrison Center artist Dominic Senibaldi.

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Originally from Washington State, Senibaldi began attending art school in 2005, moved to Chicago in 2009, and eventually found himself in Indianapolis in 2011. Throughout the last decade he has delved into printmaking, drawing, and painting, and his artistic style is made up of all three.

Senibaldi, who has from the outset been inspired by science, found inspiration for his latest body of work in books that discuss the mechanics of the universe and the evolution of life on this planet. “I take inspiration from the world around me,” he said. “I am filled with wonder by the complex structure of a plant, and the extreme age and vastness of our galaxy and the universe beyond.”


Informed by Senibaldi’s process of exploration and his pursuit of better understanding the world around him, Discovery has been constructed with the relationships of nature in mind.

The Harrison Center and Dominic Senibaldi invite you to come and ponder your relationship with the universe. Maybe you’ll discover where you fit into its story.