Discovering Indy through Song

On June 1st, I started an internship with the Harrison Center for the Arts. I had been approached by Joanna Taft (Executive Director for the Harrison Center) to do a 10 week place-based songwriting internship. My job would entail writing placed-based songs that would mirror the heart of what Indy meant to me.


Even on my first day, I started connecting and networking with other artists from around the country who were drawn to Indy. I came to see what a magical place the Harrison Center was and how the people there pushed me to become a better artist. By writing placed-based songs I not only found out more about our city, but I found a more intense passion for art and songwriting.

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As I wrote songs about places such as the Cultural Trail or Monument Circle, I was able to find beautiful details that I had never taken the time to notice. Before the internship, I had never ridden a bike on the Cultural Trail downtown, but as I went out on these adventures I started to notice certain beauties that just seemed to pop out at night time. Whether it was seeing the way the canal lit up before the looming city ahead, or researching and learning the backstory of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, I saw why Indianapolis is such a special city.


The people I met, and their passion for the city of Indianapolis fueled my desire to see our city culturally enriched.

Growing up on the Northside, I never experienced the beauty that downtown Indianapolis possessed. The internship yielded so many things I would have never expected, but most of all it gave me an appreciation and love for our city. I saw how truly beautiful Indianapolis is and why living here is such a positive experience.