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The Sound Cave

Our place-based songwriting interns are at it again. This time, Herron High School students Charlton Taylor and "Big Mike" Williams have teamed up to pen and perform "Dreamscape," a rap about the Sound Cave, the HCA's subterranean recording space. Enjoy!

Lyrics: You ain't in the soundcave You don't know what you missing 2x

Know what ya missing Cold beats dropping every minute

Everybody waking up for da business

I remember I was wipin coffee in da kitchen

Shout out Ms Taft everybody gon get it

Hard work, dedication boy you know how we living

No remorse for the dead or the living

I been on the struggle Yeah I was in a bundle

Tryna stay outta trouble Standing tall since 15 tryna stay humble

Thinking some cold beats up in my head

Like Kevin Hart Heads up in beds

Bands up on bands Crowd surfing

Raise up ya hands Jumpman my hands To the fan

Homeboy ya know I'm man

I was four deep Over flow head to the streets

Crazy how long you fallen right Dark skies between a long flight

But if we ride tonight we can soar through roads tonight

But if we ride tonight you’ll be my ride or die from night to dawn ok alright

This the community its just for you and me I mean we been making beats from 12-3

I woke up put my jeans on Then i meet my soul squad then i put my whole team on

We got some coffee and we sat down but i look up at the same jeans on

Been spitting bars since the 9th grade To be honest I didn't know I was that great

Great ape, great state hold the plate Big Mike in the studio fold my cape

Touchdown Like Georgia State When you know what's at stake Just close the safe

If you makin beats are you down wit this Don't finish? It's like an unmastered mix