Glacial Shift

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If you missed Owens and Crawley's exhibit, 2058: the first September without ice, during the IN Light IN festival this past weekend, you'll get a second chance to see it in Hank and Dolly's Gallery at the Harrison Center for the Arts on First Friday. The installation, which was made up of 18 illuminated "icebergs", was  developed as a way for the artists to process issues relating to global warming.

"Humans play a role in accelerating changes in Earth’s climate. One effect of this is global warming in the polar regions, where glaciers are melting at increased rates. This work seeks to continue to bring awareness to climate change issues through an installation of abstractly interpreted icebergs. The icebergs have color changing LEDs that interact in new and dynamic ways with the acrylic facets acting as filters. 2058: the first September without ice is a visually stunning installation that thrives in both daytime and nighttime environments."

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Quincy and Luke had the initial idea of making a large scale iceberg (12 foot tall) to sit in the Grand River for ArtPrize 2016. They were finalists for a grant to make this idea happen, but came in second place at the Pitch Night competition. When they were approached about the IN Light IN festival about having something in the canal, they decided to reimagine this piece, expanding from one large to 18 smaller icebergs. They were beautiful floating in the canal, but viewers will be have a different experience on Friday when they can see them up close in a gallery setting.