Indy Cartography


Mass Ave

This January, City Gallery exhibits "Indy Cartography," a series of maps recalling the long-time home of Indy-native Kate Oberreich. Indianapolis has experienced rapid change in the past decade, and Oberreich has witnessed this first hand. Growing up as the third generation in her family's old, white Herron-Morton Place home, then moving to Old Northside and spending time in Indy's Mile Square, Oberreich utilizes her artwork as a means to explore the sense of belonging.


South Split

The series ranges from linear recreations of the grid-like layout of Indianapolis neighborhoods close to the artist, like her Herron-Morton home, to abstracted curves of the highway, to "floating neighborhoods". In these pieces, white pen outlines the form of houses, scattered across layered watercolor washes, illustrating "floating neighborhoods" where community is found through relationships and personal connections rather than geography. In this way, her pieces differentiate between a house, a physical space, and a home, a larger community of belonging.


Meridian Kessler

Come see Kate Oberreich's work this January in City Gallery!