Tune In Tomorrow

The newest show curated by HCA artist Nathan Foxton opens this Friday in the Harrison Gallery from 6-9pm. Tuning Inception is a group show that was driven by an inspiration of pop images. "Cartoons and pop art forms that are essentially poignant and abstract sets of information, continuously act as catalysts for artists. In the 2000s Polly Apfelbaum created ‘fallen sculptures’ based on the Powerpuff Girls, describing them as "...hybrid works, poised between painting and sculpture; works not so much attempting to invent new categories but working promiscuously and improperly -poaching- in fields seemingly already well defined." according to Foxton. FullSizeRender (2)

"I once worked on a commission and was taken aback when the patron made a specific request for the tiny sketch I had done on a scrap piece of paper which he identified as the inception of the final painting. While smaller pieces are sometimes thought of as being preliminary and supportive of the masterpiece, from an idea or concept mindset these pieces (and their often matter-of-fact construction) are the inception of the work." says Nathan.

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"Rather than a show of studies or work that was purely concept driven, I wanted to bring together a group of artists who have adopted a pop imagery vernacular in one form or another and were actively involved in ‘code-switching’ to cut to the chase of their motivations. The exhibition explores the formal and communicative possibilities addressed within the link between the medieval idea of the cartoon and pop imagery conventions." Tuning Inception features artists Stuart Snoddy, Corey Lamb, Jen Clausen, Logan Gainey, Mitch Raney, Evan Anderson, Dominic Senibaldi, Alyssa Day, Justin Vining, Ben Lowery, Quincy Owens, William Denton Ray, Clint Jukkala, drawings from the collection of Oliver Colt as well as work from Nathan Foxton himself. The show hangs through January 27th.

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