“Intangible” by Lisa Schare Johnson


IMG_6233 Virgin Mary: Constable Sky

“My work is about taking stereotypical silhouettes of the feminine and filling them in with historically significant art skyscapes to give the images a greater meaning,” artist Lisa Schare Johnson said. “I have also used some personal imagery, focusing on silhouettes of loved ones who are no longer with us.”

Throughout the month of October the Gallery Annex presents “Intangible,” a show by artist Lisa Schare Johnson. Having previously shown her work mainly in New York and Ohio, Johnson moved to Indianapolis six years ago to teach art, which she continues to do today. As a visual artist, Johnson has been awarded an Arts Midwest/National Endowment for the Arts Artist Fellowship, an Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship, and Individual Artist Grant from the City of Cincinnati.



Miss America: Manifest Destiny Sky

Johnson’s latest work explores the way American culture—specifically through the Miss America Pageant—exports and spreads our feminine ideal around the world, but in an intangible way. “The imagery of my work is mostly tied to my only child leaving home for college,” explained Johnson, “Her day-to-day tangible self no longer exists, but she is with me. Similarly, my twin died when we were 17, but I feel her intangible self, certainly in my memory.”


Intangible Twin

Drawing her inspiration from the strong women in her life, she walks beside her viewers as they ponder the desires we all have for things lacking in substance.

Lisa Schare Johnson’s show “Intangible” can be seen in the Gallery Annex through October 30th.