“The Hunt” by Nathan Foxton

21248651103_59f0a700aa_k Featured this month in the Harrison Gallery is artist Nathan Foxton’s latest body of work entitled “The Hunt.”


Foxton’s work, reminiscent of and inspired by the work of 17th century Flemish artist, Peter Paul Rubens, portrays scenes of intertwined figures in the heat of battle. “The Hunt” challenges its viewers with elements of ostentatious color usage, anachronistic objects, and vigorous action combined into what might be described as contemporary baroque battle scenes.


Utilizing a short hand technique for a contemporary illustrative feel, Foxton has captured the movement of his subjects as they dive headlong into the hunt. The result is a dynamic scene of intensity that holds a new surprise at every angle.

“The Hunt” by Nathan Foxton opens tonight at 6:00 in the Harrison Gallery. The work hangs through October 30.