Josh Rush, "Parks, People, and Pathways of Indy"

As the snow has been falling rather steadily, and we find ourselves in what has been called the bleak mid-winter, a longing begins to grow in many of us. We remember fondly the feel of the sun and spring breeze on our skin as we congregate in the warmth of indoors. We imagine the now vacant sidewalks of our streets teeming with people on walks, and the green fields of our parks alive with neighbors once again. We vividly remember the feel of wind in our faces as we ride our bikes on the Monon Trail. In all of these things we long for warmer days, and for a new season.


This month in the City Gallery, Harrison Center artist Josh Rush captures the fallow urban landscape, cultivated and ready for the communal traffic of warmer days. His paintings, created en plein air, portray the outdoor places of Indy, and the neighbors who, while presented indoors, are eagerly awaiting a glad reunion with nature.


Rush knows our longings well, and with them in mind he has cultivated for his viewers a visual respite…a taste of neighborhood nature, as it were, by way of the “Parks, People, and Pathways of Indy.”

josh bike at hca

Artist Josh Rush’s work hangs in the City Gallery throughout the month of March.