Bryan Tisdale's "Drawn Inward"

 As is the case with many individuals, one walks through life like a blooming flower. The seeds of our lives are planted, take root, and as growth occurs, so does the discovery of what makes us unique. Often, there is a noticeable progression within us. With time our loves become concrete, our “callings” become increasingly defined, and through trial and error, the subtle dispositions that sets one apart from others lead us into our vocations. Some of our flowers bloom before others, and yet, at the end of our lives, the beautiful remains of the flowers we once were, are pressed into the pages of history… there to be remembered by our children. Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.56.22 PM

This story of calling is one that does well in describing the life of artist Bryan Tisdale. Raised in a home of creativity, and by a mother who was an artist in her own right, Tisdale’s passions found their trajectory in the arts. “My mother was a very creative person, and cultivated an interest in art within my siblings and me,” Tisdale reminisced. “At first, I wanted to attend art school for sculpture, but I lacked the self-confidence to do so coming out of high school.”


Tisdale’s little brother, however, upon graduating from high school set out on a pursuit of higher learning in the arts at Herron School of Art and Design. “I lived vicariously through my brother’s experiences, while I cultivated a career in medical billing,” he explained. “In 2008, my career was approaching a crossroads, and I definitely felt unfulfilled in what I was doing. So, with my brother as my inspiration, and with the incredible support of my wife Aaren, I started attending Herron at the age of 33.” He went on to graduate from Herron in 2013 with a degree in printmaking.

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Now, Tisdale’s dream of being an artist is finally blooming. His show this month entitled, “Drawn Inward” consists of a body of work that looks back, and yet is characterized by elements that are more personal than his previous work. “In school, I had more time to spend on hashing out my ideas,” Tisdale explained. “Now that I’m back in the real world, with a full time job, two children, and a wife that I want to spend time with, my time to work on my art is limited and precious. I really think that this has helped me not to overwork my idea, and to be more in the moment.”


Tisdale’s work features a lot of chaos that is offset by a symmetrical element that creates a balance and forms an energy. “For this show, I’m presenting prints that are printed in grayscale and represent emotions and feelings that I keep internalized versus other prints that are in color and would be representative of emotions and feelings I would openly share,” he said, “This body of work has given me more confidence than ever to allow myself to be more vulnerable and honest with the viewer.”


As an artist who has only recently stepped into a calling from the arts he has felt his entire life, Bryan Tisdale offers his viewers a piece of his metamorphic story through his show “Drawn Inward.”

The work hangs through March 27  in Gallery No. 2.