Meet Chloe Coy

Hello, friends! My name is Chloe Coy and I am an intern here at the Harrison Center. As a senior at Herron High School, I was familiar with the Harrison Center before I began interning this fall. Attending First Fridays with friends and family was such a fun activity to look forward to. Going to the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange Winter Market to begin Christmas shopping was so exciting. But now I get to learn about what’s underneath all of beautiful colors and bright mediums - I have the opportunity to see the real Harrison Center as a Journalistic Intern.

Some of you readers may have seen my previous blog posts over the past couple of months. That’s part of my job here at the Harrison Center - interviewing local artists and writing about their work. Discovering not only their impact on the surrounding community but also the way their artwork allows the community to impact them in return has been an incredible experience and has made me appreciate Indy and the people within it even more. Another one of my favorite things about interning at the Harrison Center is the people. I stroll through the entrance and see Joanna Taft, Executive Director, in her “office,” also known as the City Gallery, also known as the open space with tables and chairs for anyone. I hear Pam Allee’s laugh coming from her “office,” also known as the storage space for sold art and wrapping supplies. I converse with other interns, first-timers, Art Mix and Harrison Center artists, and Redeemer Presbyterian employees. Such openness and causality allows the building to flow with welcomeness and diffuse creativity.

In addition, being a Journalistic Intern allows me to delve deeper into my passions and explore my interests. I have always loved to read and write, so my discovery of the art of journalism was magical. Through this storytelling medium, I have encountered photography, which has opened up a whole new source of self-discovery. Thus, interning here at the Harrison Center has provided a friendly and creative space for me to continue to pursue my journalistic interests and encounter amazing people and their work.


Some random fun facts about me:

Favorite color = blue

Favorite food = ice cream

Favorite school subject = English - AP Literature