National Show Visits the Underground Gallery

Transcending the Tabletop is an exhibition that elevates the genre of still life to share its striking and unexpected possibilities. Curated by Nathan Foxton in Indianapolis, IN and Julie Anderson in Dayton, OH, the show starts in the Underground Gallery at the Harrison Center and moves to Dutoit Gallery and Fifth Street Gallery in Dayton. Including artists living in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, and Indiana, the show presents a space for art lovers, educators, and curious attendants to experience the dynamic possibilities of still life through painting and sculpture on a national level.

Jean Koeller

While not all the artists would primarily consider themselves working in still life, the curators want to present work that relates to the core ideas of mindful construction and unexpected formal results. The participants include Amy Mahnick, Julie Anderson, Nathan Foxton, John Lee, Benjamin Lowery, Jean Koeller, Ernest Koerlin, Kipp Normand, Christina Weaver, Lizabeth Whipps, Patricia Cole, and Katie Kameen.

Katie Kameen

Often times still life is encountered in the studio setting, an intentionally orchestrated 3d structure meant to guide vision. Other times the intent is driven by other concerns, not apparent on the surface, but felt through careful analysis. The curators are excited about forming a community across state boundaries to discuss craft and perception with audiences that want to engage with a practice that can be found on a tabletop, yet transcends conventional results.

Ernest Koerlin

The exhibition will host still life painting and drawing workshops, and artist talks in both cities. The curators want to introduce students and new artists to the rigorous and inspiring ‘genre’ of still life. Artists, art educators, and creative professionals are encouraged to visit the exhibition locations and use the show as a platform for discussion.


Harrison Center for the Arts: September 1st - October 30th

Dutoit Gallery: November 3rd - 19th

Fifth Street Gallery: December 1st - 15th