Meet intern Liz Williams

With the start of August comes a sharp increase in plaid skirts and khaki pants around the Harrison Center office spaces. School is back in session, and as happens every year, some students have migrated over to the Harrison Center for their internships. In the coming weeks, we'll be introducing you to these interns, and getting to know their story and specific roles in their internship. In this post we'll highlight Elizabeth Williams, a senior at Herron High School who will be handling one the Harrison Center's best-known annual events.

Better known as Liz! (she insists an exclamation point should follow her nickname), Williams is this year's self-proclaimed "Party Provider," meaning that she is taking on IMAF. The Independent Music + Art Festival is a capstone event for the Harrison Center, bringing together the larger arts community of Indiana, and requires extensive preparation and organization. Liz, interested in studying business and not-for-profit management in college, is excited to take on this task, and hopes to learn event coordinating skills.

She was drawn to the Harrison Center due to their urban focus and commitment to maintaining a family friendly environment, and wants to increase awareness of the many opportunities available through the Harrison, especially IMAF.

Liz lives in Community Heights, an area just outside of Irvington, and her interests include running, community service, photography, laughing, and "being outside all the time always." Her favorite book, movie, and soundtrack series is the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Bonus Question: Which is the best TV series: The Office, Parks and Recreation, or 30 Rock?

            "The Office. Duh. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."

Bonus Question: Favorite and least favorite food?

            "Favorite food: all of it. But especially ice cream. Least favorite food: Raisins. Which is a fake food that ruins trail mix and just wants to be a grape but can't because its AWFUL and has no friends."