The Concierge for the City


The City Gallery is a program of the Harrison Center that connects people—to culture, community, and place.  That’s right, the City Gallery isn’t just a place to show art, it is a place to get connected to urban Indy.  

A young woman came through the doors just the other day looking for Emily Vanest.  She had just moved here and was looking for an apartment. Earlier that morning while grabbing coffee at Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company, she was given the advice to come to see Emily at the City Gallery to get connected.

Emily is what we call our “concierge for the city". She connects people to urban Indianapolis by sharing her knowledge of its culture, community and place.   She isn’t a realtor or a leasing agent, but she knows the people who are and what they have available. When someone comes in to meet with her, she sits down with them and gets to know them. She has conversations with them and helps them discover the unique culture of Indy’s urban neighborhoods; she connects them to community by offering information about neighborhood associations, porch parties and city suppers; and she helps people find their place—the neighborhood that best fits their personality and interests.  (Check out last year’s creative placemaking video below, narrated by Emily, for a description of some of the ways the City Gallery connects to the city.) 

So, if you or someone you know is looking for ways to get connected, stop by the City Gallery and ask for Emily. It’s a good move.

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