Meet intern Ellie Faris

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With the start of August comes a sharp increase in plaid skirts and khaki pants around the Harrison Center office spaces. School is back in session, and as happens every year, some students have migrated over to the Harrison Center for their internships. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to these interns, and getting to know their story and specific roles in their internship.

In this post we'll highlight Ellie Faris, a student led to the Harrison by her desire to develop community within her own neighborhood.

A senior at Herron High School, Ellie is a community engagement and office intern at the Harrison Center. She is currently conducting research for her home neighborhood of Crooked Creek, as well as assisting in the City Gallery office. This upcoming Spring, Ellie will produce a video highlighting the community of Crooked Creek. Through her internship experience, Ellie hopes to learn more about her community and how best to meet its specific needs.

Ellie was drawn to the HCA by their welcoming environment and encouragement of new ideas. A friendly and outgoing person herself, she enjoys interning for an organization which shares her demeanor.

Outside of her internship, Ellie is an avid reader of anything Hunger Games or history-related, and loves watching comedies, stating that, "I always love to laugh." She is very engaged in her neighborhood of Crooked Creek, and has routinely visited the community center and met with local leaders to discuss neighborhood development.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite/least favorite food?

"My favorite food is anything Chinese or sushi. My least favorite is anything with fish."