Meet Kat Drake

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With the start of August comes a sharp increase in plaid skirts and khaki pants around the Harrison Center office spaces. School is back in session, and as happens every year, some students have migrated over to the Harrison Center for their internships. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to these interns, and getting to know their story and specific roles in their internship.

Katya "Kat" Drake is a senior at Herron High School, and is a veteran Harrison Center intern. As a junior, she wrote spoken word poetry for the Harrison, and has transitioned this year to shadowing Executive Director Joanna Taft. So far, Kat has attended multiple meetings with significant arts organizations, including Big Car and Indiana Arts Commission, and is also involved in collaborating on special projects with other interns. Through this internship experience, she hopes to gain better insight into business management. Kat is compassionate and an able leader, and looks forward to seeing how her skills sets can be best utilized in a business setting.

Her interest in the Harrison Center is based on its development of a creative community. Not only is this fostered among their artists, but a "range of creative opportunities" are extended to the staff as well.

Kat enjoys dancing, and participates in Herron High School's dance course. One of Kat's favorite authors is Rick Riordrian.

Bonus question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or one elephant-sized duck? Why?

"100 duck-sized elephants, because you can feed more people that way."