Meet Matthew Allen

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, the Harrison Center for the Arts welcomes a new set of interns, each of them given the opportunity to express their ideas in a specific area that catches their eye. Throughout the summer, we will be introducing each intern through these very blog posts. While we get to know who the are, we will also learn what brought them to the Harrison Center.In today’s post, we introduce Matthew Allen, a student of Indiana Wesleyan University who is using his artistic talents to assist Harrison Center curator Kyle Ragsdale.

Matthew is from Brown County, IN and is a painter working in both acrylics and oils. During his internship Matthew is hoping to develop his curatorial skills, gain more experience with gallery work, and learn how to paint faster, larger, and more freely. One of the things that Matthew likes the most about the Harrison Center is the warm, friendly environment. "Everyone really tries to make you feel included, accepted, and valuable."

Matthew's entertainment interests include:

Music: Fréro Delavega, Stromae, Cherry Glazerr, Twenty One Pilots. // Movies: Black Swan, Memoirs of a Geisha, La Vie En Rose, The Duchess. // TV Shows: ANTM!

Bonus Question:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck? Why?

"100 duck-sized elephants because I think that I would win. I could easily drop kick them."