Heaven Sent

Can you make me A santa claus suit? Can you make me A santa claus suit? You were exactly What I needed How'd you get here? You heaven Sent You heaven Sent You heaven Sent How'd you get here Must be heaven Sent

For 40 years, Costumes by Margie has been an anchor of the Maple Crossing area, providing costumes for local theatre troupes, Halloween revelers, and more. Driving north on Illinois Street, it's impossible to miss the iconic red and white striped "awning" that adorns the facade. Like the Melody Inn, Cheatham & Moore Barber Shop, Deering Cleaners and other locally owned businesses in the area, Margie's adds a color and texture that make it uniquely Maple Crossing. Songwriting resident, Nabil Ince interviewed Margie's staff about the shop's beginnings and learned that the founding owner was motivated to open the shop after she was asked to make a Santa Claus suit.


Ince, with fellow songwriting resident Emma Hall  recorded "Heaven Sent" to celebrate how that simple request resulted in the birth of a Maple Crossing institution.

Maple Crossing is part of the Great Places 2020 initiative which is working to "transform neighborhoods and spur urban revitalization."