Meet Molly Lattner

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, the Harrison Center for the Arts welcomes a new set of interns, each of them given the opportunity to express their ideas in a specific area that catches their eye. Throughout the summer, we will be introducing each intern through these very blog posts. While we get to know who the are, we will also learn what brought them to the Harrison Center.In today’s post, we introduce Molly Lattner, a college junior who will use her artistic talents to create a unique hand-stamped envelope that will be used for our annual fund drive mailing.

Molly hails from Birmingham, AL/Chattanooga, TN, and is studying Communication Design at Covenant College, the business side of art. An artist herself, she is interested in painting, printmaking, lettering/calligraphy, interior design, and advertising/branding. Her internship is focused on the creative aspect of our annual letter envelopes. She does want to learn what the day-to-day life of a studio artist looks like as well as the administrative side of what  it takes to pull off big events such as IMAF or First Fridays!

"I love the optimism and ambition of the Harrison Center projects! Here, difficulties are opportunities to create beauty. For example, used billboards are repurposed to create beautiful works of art, and old buildings have been repaired with Legos! (Stay tuned for Pre-Enactment, October 2017 to see the hopes and dreams for the Monon 16 neighborhood.) Also, I love Intern Lunch on Thursdays!"

Some of Molly's favorite things:

I love the music of The Avett Brothers, Adele, The Oh Hellos, Hozier, and Hamilton. My favorite movies and tv shows include The Office, Pride and Prejudice, White Christmas, The Incredibles, and Indiana Jones.

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream! I do not like pickles!

Bonus Question:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck? Why?

100 duck-sized elephants- that actually sounds really cute!