Meet our Interns!


 Here at HCA our high school interns, or “Cultural Entrepreneurs” as we like to call them, bring us fresh perspective on a daily basis. Through our Cultural Entrepreneurship program we are seeking to develop these students through an internship that combines their passion for the arts with a spirit of entrepreneurship. By supporting our interns and encouraging them to see needs, take risks, leverage resources, invest energy, and network to build culture in the city we hope to empower them to as they move forward into their future careers. So without further ado, we are pleased to introduce you to HCA’s 2014-2015 Cultural Entrepreneurs!

ev 500x500

Evelyn Allee- Independent Music + Arts Festival

As the daughter of our Arts Coordinator, Pam Allee, Evelyn knows the Harrison Center like the back of her hand. For the past two years, Evelyn has played a vital role in planning the annual Independent Music + Art Festival. Because she’s done such a great job, this year she received a promotion and is sole coordinator IMAF 2015.


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Je’shua Harris- Writing

Je’shua has been with us throughout the entirety of the 2014-2015 school year. As a self-proclaimed “foodie,” Je’shua has engaged in the delicious process of visiting and reviewing Indy’s urban eateries. His helpful reviews, which combine his opinions of his meal paired with a description of what the restaurant is bringing to its neighborhood, can be found under the Food, Culture, and Community tab at

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Eli Hasper- Film

As one of our newest interns at the Harrison Center, Eli has been doing a great job learning the art of photography. He has enjoyed getting to know a number of our artists, and is currently honing his skills as a drone pilot. Be on the lookout for some his high altitude footage this spring.

 thulani 500x500

Thulani Smith- Film

It’s an understatement to say that Thulani has a keen eye for photography. As an already experienced photographer and videographer, Thulani had the opportunity to spend last semester adding to his knowledge while working with HCA filmographer Asa Gauen on HCA’s Studio Visits series. He has since been putting his skills to work by filming, experimenting, and editing HCA’s First Friday videos.


Noah House- Film

Noah is always full of new ideas, and has a great passion for film and photography. Along with his buddy Thulani, Noah also spent last semester honing his skills with the help of Asa Gauen. Now he, along with Thulani and Eli, films, edits, and produces the bulk of HCA’s video footage. If you ever want to talk music, or bikes, Noah is your guy.


Adeline Sinsabaugh- Photography

Adeline, or Addie as we call her, brings a nice touch to the Harrison Center’s still photography game. After interning with former HCA artist and photographer, Katie Basbagill, Addie was hooked on photography. As one of our interns, she is responsible for documenting our First Friday events via still photography. In her spare time she enjoys sharing her love for photography with the youth of Indy in multiple afterschool programs.


All of our Cultural Entrepreneur interns play such a crucial role in making HCA the community anchor that it is today, as they seek out cultural solutions for community challenges, and for that we are thankful.