A Thank You to Harrison Center Host Families

Click here to hear "A Little Far." For most HCA interns who aren’t from the city, the first faces they get to know in the Indianapolis community are the faces of their host families. Throughout the history of the Harrison Center, from the beginning of our Cultural Entrepreneur internship program, families in the downtown neighborhoods of Indianapolis have graciously offered up a room in their house, and a spot at their table to our interns. They have made an already unique internship even more special through their openness to share their homes with people they don’t know well. HarrisonCenter_FrontPorch_lr Ellis’s family in the Old Northside has opened up their home (and their food pantry) to numerous interns. Brant’s family in Herron Morton Place has graciously provided interns with a cozy bed (and plenty of avocados). Adeleine’s family in Fountain Square has shared their porch when the mood for a summer porch party strikes. Rebekah’s family in St. Clair Place has shared their family music. In fact, the kindness of these families has created some beautiful, long lasting relationships, and has in some cases led a few of our interns to take up permanent residence in Indianapolis! The Harrison Center has enjoyed watching interns be brought so sweetly into Evangeline’s family, and we have loved seeing interns grow close to Indy while staying with Natalie and her husband. Peter’s family has given interns the joy of becoming an honorary brother or sister for the summer, and Heather’s family has shown our interns the true meaning of hospitality. And finally, we have been thrilled that our interns have been able to live in the midst of gracious neighbors with Harold and his wife, as well as with Lori and her husband. So, to all who have served the Harrison Center as host families, we want to say thank you. We are thankful for your service to our summer interns, to the Harrison Center, and to the Indianapolis community. Please enjoy this song entitled “A Little Far,” written by HCA intern Chad Caroland. This song is dedicated to one family in particular that has hosted numerous interns over the years, but was also born out of the same inspiration of faithful service shown by all HCA host families from the past to the present. 2014-10-22-02.40.10-2-1024x682 In this song, Caroland portrays well what so many HCA interns have experienced as they prepare to begin their internships. The tune captures the scene of the intern’s drive up I-65, passing over state lines, all the time getting closer to the Old Northside neighborhood where they will be spending the summer. As you listen, you’ll hear references to different exits the intern passes while they watch the landscape flatten with each passing mile. It is a moving picture indeed as the anticipation builds, and they move closer and closer to what will be their summer home.