Has Your Opinion Been Heard?

GIPC_Indy-2020-Logo_2-Color You often hear people say that Indianapolis is a big, small town, referencing that the circle of stakeholders and people influencing the future of the city is open and diverse.  But, make no mistake about it, Indianapolis is a BIG city. Indianapolis is 373 square miles. To put that into perspective, the city limits of Atlanta and Detroit would fit three times within the borders of Marion County. Five cities the size of Cleveland or Cincinnati could fit within Marion County.

Those comparisons illustrate the sheer size of our city, but it doesn’t take into account the diverse types of land uses and neighborhoods within our county’s borders. Not all of Indianapolis is a large metropolis. We have dense urban neighborhoods, sprawling suburban areas, farmland and expansive green spaces. This diversity is part of what makes Indianapolis such a welcoming place - there is something for everybody.

From a planning perspective, this type of diversity presents Indianapolis with some unique challenges. Residents from different corners of the county have different needs and desires when they look for a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. For planners, there are a multitude of amenities, lifestyles and land uses that must be accounted for to satisfy Indy’s various communities and neighborhoods. Plan 2020’s goal is to create a future that is relevant to the diversity of people and places that make up Marion county. Plan 2020 wants to ensure your voice is heard because the future Indianapolis an urbanite envisions might be vastly different from someone living in Decatur Township.

To capture this feedback, Plan 2020 has launched an online community platform called MindMixer. MindMixer will generate ideas, gather valuable feedback and measure the impact of our community’s contributions in a productive, two-way dialogue with Plan 2020 team members. We want to know what people from all corners of the county want Indianapolis to become. The responses will affirm whether Plan 2020 is correctly informing the future of our city.

MindMixer is your seat at the table, where you'll be able to share, discuss and promote ideas for the future of our city. Let us know what you think at plan2020.com/mix.