“Start the Car” because we’ve got stories to tell

image-3 We’re all made of stories. Think about it. Take a second to think back through the years and see if you can put your fingers on the reasons why you are who you are today. I’ll bet there’s a story underneath each of your fingers.


Stories shape us. They make us laugh, cry, and reflect; some bring us to our knees, and others lift us up. This Friday in the Harrison Center gymnasium, Asa Gauen and his team of storytellers, armed with tales and adventures, will be showing their viewers the power of stories.


Gauen, who hails from Brooklyn, New York and his cousin, started the “Start the Car” storytelling event as a way to spice up a Christmas party in the Big Apple. By combining live storytelling, live music, and animation channeled through a redeemed version of PowerPoint, the two gave their friends a gift that Christmas that will keep on giving tomorrow night.

“Start the Car: Benefit of the Doubt” will be the second “Start the Car” event hosted by the Harrison Center. (The first debuted last December.) Hosted by Dave Stilly, with featured music by Kurt Meyer, this event will bring together the art forms of storytelling and graphic design, mixing the two into a delightfully engaging experience for its viewers.

Gauen explained, “‘Start the Car’ is like a movie in the sense that there is both an audible and a visual experience, but it’s much more personal than a movie because the performance you are witnessing can never be replicated in exactly the same way. And because there is always that chance the storyteller might mess up a bit, the experience is much more intimate.”

“Start the Car: Benefit of the Doubt” goes live tomorrow night in the HCA gymnasium. Prepare to be entertained.