Porch Party Group Show

A porch restores one’s sense of place,Shows how all fits together Revealing ties that ease the heart In any kind of weather.

-From Chuck Toll’s Porches

Whether you are seeking respite from a surprising rain shower, shade from the midday heat, or a place to eat fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil from the garden, there is nothing quite like a porch during the summer months. So inspirational is the front porch of a home that this month in the City Gallery, artists Kyle Ragsdale, Justin Vining, Kristin Divers, and Nathan Foxton have come together to produce a show that is abundantly of summer, and community.

Ragsdale_PorchParty sm
Ragsdale_PorchParty sm

This show brings its viewers to the hospitable conclusion that, to be a neighbor is to share one’s porch. It tells us that, as the poet Chuck Toll once said, “A porch restores one’s sense of place.” And this show tells us that the porch restores one's place as well.

The porch gives us reason to slow down, to talk with our neighbors, and to simply breathe in the simplicity of the moment. Browse through the City Gallery this month, rest your legs in our porch swings, and let the work of Ragsdale, Vining, Divers, and Foxton inspire your next Porch Party.