PreEnactIndy, A Day to Remember

PreEnactIndy: Monon16 from Harrison Center on Vimeo.

After years of preparation, collaboration with neighbors, local theatre companies, restaurants, and schools, we did it. PreEnactment successfully did what it set out to do. It showed the community what Monon 16 could and should be.

Three blocks of this near-east side neighborhood were transformed to reflect a just, equitable, and economically vibrant community. Stages and storefront facades were constructed all along 16th street in order to bring this vision to life.


The set up had just as much to do with the success as the programming. Putting the event together reconnected neighbors who had grown apart long ago. A sense of community pride was reignited as neighbors realized that they are not the only ones to see their neighborhood’s value. Residents were able to get in touch with many local non-for-profits, and learn about services and job opportunities.

Community leaders spoke about their experiences, and their hopes for the community. Attendees enjoyed musical, theatrical, and dance performances. Actors from 13 different theatre groups acted out equitable ways of living in a modern community. Every existing business was open, and even empty buildings and lots looked alive with the help of volunteers and local artists who cleaned, landscaped, and installed artwork.


It was and is of the utmost importance that reviving this community doesn’t involve losing its history. The future of Monon 16 depends heavily on what came before, and to start from scratch would be doing the neighborhood a great injustice. We hope to see the kindness, cooperation, diversity, and vibrancy of the day become a permanent reality for Monon 16 in the coming years. A special thanks to all volunteers, partners, guests, and sponsors for making this happen.