Ashland Gallery Artists

This month, the artists of Broad Ripple's Ashland Gallery bring their "greatest hits" to Hank & Dolly's Gallery at the Harrison Center. The show is curated by HCA studio artist Johnny McKee, who has worked at Ashland as a teacher/mentor for over ten years. He told us that owners Steven & Candy Johnson started the gallery to exhibit work by their son, Stu, who has Down's Syndrome. Over time, it evolved into a place for other artists with intellectual disabilities. The gallery currently offers weekly lessons to nine students. Ashland also provides exhibit space for local artists and a print studio specializing in reproductions for fine artists.

McKee says he is excited about the opportunity to show his students' work outside Ashland Gallery and is looking forward to giving the broader community a sampling of their work.

The show opens Friday, October 6 and hangs through October 27.