The Beat Catcher

In recent years, our interns and songwriting residents have recorded over 100 songs in our Sound Cave recording studio that celebrate urban Indianapolis. Have you ever wondered why some of our songs sound so good? Here's a shout out to Luke Crawley who has been mastering our songs for over a year now. We can't thank him enough!

By day, Luke is a high school science and math teacher at University High School of Indiana in Carmel, Indiana. In addition to being a sound artist and fabricator, he also actively plays and produces music and audio, and is an electronics hobbyist/enthusiast. These many and varied interests all enhance his ability to master the tracks we send his way. He has most recently entered the realm of sculpture and public art installations with Harrison Center studio artist Quincy Owens under the moniker Owens + Crawley.

You can follow Luke on Band Camp, here.