Welcome to the New School

This community has a lot of history and makingIt stronger is our responsibilityWe were put here for a reason you know it's meant to beTo groom it, to grow and care for it carefully

Putting in work and time to make this place greaterKeeping it clean for now and for laterAnd this is a place where people rarely stopBut if we all work together we can make it to the top

We are excited to share spoken word artist Kej Taylor's first recording as a Harrison Center intern. "Welcome to the New School." This piece was inspired by the Animation Art Studio, located in the Maple Crossing area.

The Harrison Center has been celebrating this Great Places 2020 neighborhood throughout the year with music, video, art exhibits, installations and more. In the process, we have had the privilege of learning about the area's history and have gotten to know the people who contribute to its revitalization today. Take a listen and stay tuned. Kej has a lot more to say!